Welcome to The Temple ꩜

A space for self-discovery, ceremony, play, and exploration of the sacred—with your people.

about us

A virtual community to support your mind, body, heart, and spirit where we follow the timing of the zodiac to get the most out of life.

 Our offerings

+ Monthly teachings from the cosmos on the theme of the month paired with practices and prompts to support your life

+ Monthly exclusive astrology + horoscope advice

+ Monthly tarot guidance

+ Monthly live gatherings

+ Periodic pop-up events, masterclasses, virtual retreats, and an ever-expanding living library to take you deeper.

why you should join

+ Learn how to work with astrology and the seasons of the zodiac to make your life more magical.

+ Take a journey of self-awareness to improve your relationships, find your purpose, and love yourself more.

+ Learn how to heal spiritual wounds, bring more of the sacred into your life, and feel at home again with your spirituality.

+ Discover rituals and ceremonies that work for you while sitting together in circle with a community of like-minded humans from all over the world.

+ Receive live monthly support, lessons, practices, and prompts around things like self discovery, spirituality, love & relationship,  sex & intimacy, mental health & psychology, finding your purpose, and more.

+ Receive exclusive astrology forecasts and horoscopes in a way you won't find anywhere else.

+ Experience virtual retreats, pop-up events, and live masterclasses. 

 Join to find your people. Join because you're curious.

Join to change your life.

You are welcome here.

who is this space for?

Any combination of the below

+ Those interested in exploring any of the topics listed above.

+ Those who want to learn how to live in alignment with the seasons of the zodiac to make their life more sacred and magical.

+ Those who want to deepen in their spirituality and heal wounds around religion and how you are "supposed" to live.

+ Those interested in love, sex, and relationship.

+ Those who enjoy my (Remy 😘) podcast FALSE PROPHET, who want to explore the themes deeper, or who love my writing on instagram and want more.

+ Those seeking a loving community to walk the path of awakening with.

+ 18+ years old

how does it work?

Each month new lessons/teachings/downloads are added and can be watched at your leisure. These lessons are aligned with the theme of the zodiac season happening in real time. They are designed to help you find more meaning in your life, discover more self awareness, to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit, and to help you improve and deepen your relationships. These lessons are supported by practices and prompts that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. We gather together live every month for a sharing circle and Q+A session to bring it all together (some months have even more opportunities to gather live, in addition to this). We also have a 24/7 space to connect inside where you are joined by like-minded community to cheer you on and walk beside you on the journey. This space is the perfect balance between self-guided and live connection time in a way that really works to take what you learn here and help it stay with you forever. 

This is very a special membership. It's difficult to put just how special it is into words. I believe you'll feel it if this is the place for you. 

Here's a review to give you a taste:

"I am so grateful I said yes to this container. The potency of the magic that was held in this space was felt all throughout. Something massive inside of me has shifted, I truly feel like I know myself in a deeper way since starting on this journey. All of the things I wanted to call in on this journey have come to fruition in my life or are currently making their way to me, showing me once again the true magic of the divine. I felt so held and loved, I am so eternally grateful for this experience."
- Stephanie M.

In addition to the above, expect to see periodic pop-up events, virtual retreat offerings, guest speakers and teachers, and masterclasses as bonuses as we grow. There is also an ever-expanding living library of magic inside too. This membership is jam-packed with all your spirituality, relationship, astrology, and community connection desires. It's everything I've ever wanted to create and more 🕯

what you should know

The Temple is a spiritual, non-religious space. We learn from the teachings of the cosmos and practice living in harmony with the seasons of the zodiac. We do this as a foundation for all the other offerings inside as it is an incredible way to personalize your journey with anything you choose to do or practice in life. There is nothing else like this membership. It is personalized, intimate, and will touch your heart right where it's ready to be opened. 

This work will impact you in every area of your life and change the way you see the world. Join at your own risk ❤️

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